Snow in Columbia?!

I have finally returned from all of my projects and travels. I had University 101 teaching training, went to Greenville with mom and dad to plan the wedding, and then to Atlanta for market and The Special Event conference for three days. It was fun being away, but I begin to get stressed out being away from work for so long.

I returned yesterday and was so happy to see Todd and Boudreaux. Last night while we were watching American Idol, Boudreaux was looking out the window with a puzzled look on his face. Then he began to growl and bark. I looked out the window and noticed these giant flakes falling from the sky and lightly dusting the top of Todd’s car parked out on the street. It was snowing! It was a pretty messy little snow. A tiny bit of accumulation, but the snow quickly turned to rain and it was all gone. I was able to capture the brief moment on camera. Boudreax, aka “Mr. Curious”, loved it!

These are also the only pictures that I have taken of the house so far. Still no pictures of the inside.

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  1. Joel, Hillary & Camden says:

    What an adorable house….picture perfect with the snow falling, too! Hope the wedding planning is going well….it will be here before you know it! I would love to talk to you about your ceremony and thanks for the very sweet compliment about ours! :) My cell is 765-617-5263. Hope you guys have a great weekend! Cam says What’s up! :)

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