she did it again!

The talented Ashley Brooke Daniel of Ashley Brooke Designs has done it again.

I asked her to create some stationery for baby Hudson that wasn’t too “baby”, but more southern baby gentleman. And she did it. We also did a reorder on our family stationery with the drawings of all of us because I’ve used 100 of them since the original order and I’m out!




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  1. A-MAZ-ING!!!!

    Cannot wait for our puppy cards!!!!!! YAYAYAYAYAYYAYAYA

  2. the girl says:

    it’s beautiful. can those of us new to your blog see the other one?

  3. All of her cards are SO cute!! I wish I knew about her before I did all our wedding thank you notes! :)

  4. These are beautiful!!! I think she got Southern gentleman spot on!

  5. Those are ADORABLE! She is definitely super talented! Great, great job!

  6. SO fantastic!!!!

  7. These are absolutely gorgeous …. so gorgeous that I am heading over right now to order some cards for my soon-to-be 7 yr old .. so she can write thank you notes for her bday party!!

    LOVE THEM!!!

  8. This is so cute! Looks like she does wonderful work. :)

  9. Gorgeous!!

  10. Terrific cards! Very southern baby gentleman. Make sure you save one as a keepsake.

  11. So cute! Love them!

  12. those are soooo great! love them!

  13. LOVE! And the green lining on the envelopes is perfect

  14. they are fabulous and perfect for your adorable baby boy.

  15. I want some! That is gorgeous.

  16. SO prety! I LOVE them!!!

  17. perfect, just perfect. I LOVE them!! You have such great taste!!

  18. Mrs. H says:

    That stationary is adorable! She did and excellent job. I have to be honest though…when I saw the title “she did it again” I thought you were going to say that Fiona threw up in the nursery again. I’m so glad I was wrong, haha!

  19. She is so great! Those are fabulous.

  20. That is awesome stationary!

  21. OMG those are gorgeous!! she is amazing! I love it!

  22. Those are amazing! I think southern baby gentleman sums them up perfectly!

  23. BEAUTIFUL!! I love them!!

  24. I absolutely love these! They are so very southern and that design will last him a good while! That so makes me want to order some for myself! They would make great Christmas presents too! Would you e-mail me how much she charges, if you get a chance? Would love to know…

  25. Love it!
    I’m headed there now to see her other stuff!

  26. Those are incredible! Wow. Absolutely stunning cards. I think I know where our next set of cards is coming from…. :)

  27. Very cute! I love personalized stationery! She always does a great job!

  28. Love those!!!! She gave you exactly what you asked for!

  29. Laura B says:

    I love personalized stationary and thank you notes! Such a simple thing but it can really mean so much, you know? How proper of Hudson to have his own personal set! :)

  30. Aw, thank you so very much Erin! You are too sweet!
    I am going to put up your family cards next week!


  31. Beautiful! I’ll have to hop on over to look at some of her other stuff.

  32. Spanish Preppy Girl says:

    Cute cute cute!!!

  33. I just happened across your blog from another one I subscribed to, and an hour later realized I was still reading. Your blog is lovely and it’s so fun to see into the life of someone so far away (I’m in Los Angeles)!

  34. Absolutely love them. I am shure Hudson will write very thoughtful, personal, thank-you notes to friends and family on them ;-)

  35. Those are so gorgeous! I love that, “southern baby gentlement”, how appropriate. :)

  36. Beautiful! I want some for the arrival of my little girl!

  37. Oh my gosh! I LOVE it. How perfect!

  38. “Southern baby gentleman” cracked me up. That’s so cute!

    She did a fantastic job! Very fitting for your little gentleman :)

  39. I love Ashley, and I love these cards! Just perfect.

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