i heart today!

Because of these beautiful things found on other blogs, TV, and Jildor Shoes this week!

  • Lulu the Westie by Erin Vey on her blog, Bark. Erin Vey does it again! (I’m still sad that Fiona didn’t win her contest, but because we were honorable mention we got a great card and book from Erin and some great Gracie notecards.)  Other than Golden Retrievers, Westies are my favorite dogs. Their little faces are so expressive!




  • I’m addicted to HGTV right now– specifically Spice Up My Kitchen and Divine Design with Candice Olson. Here is one of my favorite rooms by Candice.



  • Can I please have these shoes in every color? Now? Thanks!




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  1. Thats some great stuff you have come across!! I love HGTV! I always so domesticated after watching it—even if I wasn’t doing anything! haha Hope you all have a great weekend! = )

  2. geez…wish I could learn the fine art of proof-reading before I post….I feel so domesticated! I need sleep, I’ll blame it on that!

  3. Love. love. love. all of it. We are SO on the same page today…. as if that’s something new ;) xxoxo

  4. That room redo is absolutely gorgeous! What I wouldn’t give for such a beautiful room. While we are redoing ours, it most certainly won’t look that decadent when we’re finished (darn budget!)

    Great post over on EAD!

  5. I’m with you sista, I want those shoes!!!!! :) :)

    Have a wonderful Labor Day weekend!!! :)

  6. oh my that westie is adorable. and i am loving those shoes too :) FAB! and um, those wedding dresses are killer!

  7. Love me some HGTV! It’s my go-to channel :)

  8. I love HGVT! Divine Design is one of my favorites. And hello gorgeous shoes?! And what cute pups.

  9. Love that room! Maybe I need to get HGTV to come re-do a room for me!

  10. Love those shoes – and that pic with the dalmations is so adorable! When Hudson can hold himself up good, you’ve got to get some portraits done with the dogs!

  11. That room looks amazing!

  12. Every single one of these pictures had me taking a 2nd look. I can’t believe they redid the room to look like that, I will for sure be checking out that show! :) Thanks for the rec. and have a wonderful weekend!

  13. Great post about meal planning! I must admit I look forward to being a SAHM because, I too, think I will have so much more time. It’s good to hear such honest feedback from all you real moms…keep us posted about how your schedule changes and your time frees up as Hudson gets older…at least I hope that is what happens!

  14. I know what you mean about those Westies! Too cute :-)

  15. I adore that wedding dress! It makes me want to marry my husband all over again!

  16. shutuprightnow. that room redo is AMAZING!!!!

  17. I love Candace Olsen, also. I would love to see the price tag on one of her makeovers! And yes, the shoes are divine!

  18. What a change they did on that room! It looks divine! Can she please come by my house and work her magic?!

  19. I love dog photos! And I love that pretty bedroom. I’d for someone to come and do that in our room!

  20. Lots of beautiful things! Thanks for sharing!

  21. I am obsessed with Candice Olsen- she is a genius! It’s my dream for her to decorate my house or my imaginery beach house!

  22. Yay Westies! They are the best dogs ever. I love my McGregor and McDuff..I can’t wait to get another ;-)

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