a big boy room reveal

It’s been a while since we began this project, but Hudson’s big boy room is finally finished. We kind of worked in stages on this room as it started as a play room and then when we found out we were expecting Hayes, we decided to make it Hudson’s big boy room.

I’ve already blogged about the transition to the big boy bed, but now that his room is officially complete, I can share all of the photos with you.

I went through my mom to order the custom draperies with blackout lining. They’re light and have just the right amount of blue chambray detailing to make them boyish without looking too heavy. This is the view from inside the bedroom door.

One wall includes the dresser and the cafe shelves with all of Hudson’s memorabilia on display. The cafe shelves are from Ballard Designs and we originally purchased them to use in our former study. The study became the play room and the play room became Hudson’s room. These cafe shelves are one of our favorite home purchases. The black dresser is from Rooms to Go Kids. It was a great price– especially since we know Hudson probably won’t use this furniture for too many years.

His birth announcement and a bulletin board are also hanging on the wall. Some of our favorite Melissa and Doug toys, Jellycats stuffed animals, and special gifts are sitting on the shelves. And Hudson and “Melmo” are sitting on the floor.

The view from the window looking at the bed. Isn’t the bed rail the best accessory? We don’t think we’re quite ready to drop the rail, although the bedding would be much cuter without it! The daybed and trundle are also from Rooms to Go Kids.

The bedding includes five different fabrics and it was custom made with the help of my mom. I was so happy when I found these fabrics and my mom was able to find an adorable car and truck fabric that was young-boyish without looking heavy and super masculine.

The fabulous Kim Wheeler of Small Words did Hudson’s canvas to match the bedding.

Here are a couple of views of the cubbies that we had built. We had these built and designed back when the room was going to be a play room. I’m loving them even more now. We have so much vertical storage for all of Hudson’s DVDs, toys, and books. He can see what he wants to play with and just grabs it.

He has also gotten really good about putting things back where they belong!

A closet up of the fabrics that we used for Hudson’s bedding. I think it’s all so much fun and the colors are so happy for a little boy’s room.

I think this guy is pretty comfortable in his new room! So is Melmo.

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  1. Heather says:

    Love, Love, Love his room Erin!!! It’s so fun and so great for the age he is at!! Love the shelves and the cubicles!!! Beautiful!! Perfect for a little boy!!

  2. His room is AMAZING! If I was a little one, I would totally hang out in it! I love the fabric and the cubical wall is awesome :)

  3. Beautiful! I love the custom drapes. The chambray is perfect for a little boy. The fabrics you chose are darling too! Yay for Hudson!!!

  4. Love his room! It really is the perfect little boy’s room. The fabrics, the cubbies, and the personalization of it all is just fabulous. :)

    P.S. At what age was Hudson ready to transition from the crib to a “big boy bed”? I anticipate having to buy a bed rail soon because our little one is already trying to climb out of the crib. Babe has a queen sized bed in his room, so I am thinking we may need to buy a toddler bed first.

  5. Great job! I am going to have to copy the custom storage unit…functional and cute! Ballard Designs is the best, we have ordered some items from them and loved everything! Hudson is a lucky boy!

  6. Darling!!

  7. Oh I love the bedding so much! I’m such a fan of bright colors for kids’ rooms!

  8. I love the final product! Perfectly little boy :)

  9. Mojito Maven says:

    OMG Erin, it turned out Amazing. AMAZING! The bedding makes the room. And those shelves!!!!!! Perfection.

  10. Love love love the room!!! The bedding fabrics are so perfect for a “Big Boy” room :) I love seeing all his toys…looks like my shelves at home :)

  11. I love Hudson’s big boy room!!! The bedding is wonderful, just so cute!!!

  12. So cute!!!!!

    I love the shelves!!!

  13. Hudson’s new room turned out great! You have such good taste, and it sure looks like he’s enjoying everything. :)

  14. You have such wonderful taste! It seems like it runs in the family, since your mom helped as well. I love the colors…they are perfect for a growing little boy!

  15. Precious!

  16. Love it Erin! I especially love the fabrics on the bed! My in-laws just got my 11 month old a Melissa and Doug puzzle, and he LOVES it! We are definitely going to get more of of their toys.

  17. Adorable. I love, love, love the wall of cubbies. I may have to steal the idea.

  18. Love is big boy room!! Love all the colors, I have blackout curtains in my room too, love them!!

  19. The room looks fabulous! The colors are just perfect, and the canvas is adorable :)

    I’m drooling over all the storage space you have in that room… the daybed in our nursery has baskets/rubbermaid tubs in every square inch underneath it because we’ve simply run out of room!

  20. I just love the color in this room. It’s the perfect balance of vibrant and playful without being too much. And those cubbies…what a great use of space plus they simply look fantastic!

  21. carrie says:

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE the cubies!!! Wished I had some for Aidan!! His room is very cute! Yall did a GREAT job!!

  22. Love love love the shelving!

  23. It looks fabulous and fun!!! Great job!!

  24. Love it. :)

  25. Cute! I like the bedding- great colours :)

  26. E!!! I can’t get over how different it looks from the last time I saw it. It looks amazing!!!! Y’all did such a good job!! E can’t wait to come over and play :)

  27. So adorable! My absolute favorite feature are the window panels, perfection!!

  28. LOVE how it turned out!!!

    I actually used the cubicles/wall storage as inspiration for the playroom at my nanny job (I think you posted a photo before). I love how there is space for everything!

  29. the shelves are an amazing idea! love this room!

  30. This is so cute! Can you give me some details on the fabric? Name, where to find it? I know you’ve mentioned several times your parents live in Dallas and we live east of Dallas and I LOVE the car fabric. It is EXACTLY what I want for my little boy’s big boy room. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!!

  31. AMAZING!!!! It looks wonderful. I LOVE the bedding. Congrats!!!! What a great big boy room.

  32. So cute, Erin!! I bet he loves it in there. :)

  33. I need those cubbies!

  34. Looks great! I especially love the cubbies.

  35. What a great room! I love the colors and the cubbies are perfect for storage.

  36. Hudson’s big boy room is perfect! I love the fabrics, it all came together perfectly!
    He will surely love it for many years to come.

  37. Such a cute room! I like the bulletin board idea for his artwork and schools stuff. I need to do that in E’s playroom! Hope you are doing okay. Baby Hayes is sooooo sweet:)

  38. Such a cute room! I like the bulletin board idea for his artwork and school stuff. I need to do that in E’s playroom! Hope you are doing okay. Baby Hayes is sooooo sweet:)

  39. what a fun room! I mean it’s every kid’s dream with all the toys and fun colors but it’s also every mom’s dream with the storage and design. I especially love the bedding and the cubbies!

  40. I l-o-v-e that room…it’s SO adorable!! Whatta lucky little guy!

  41. That room looks AMAZING! job well done!

  42. I love the photos of your home on your blog, your sense of style is so amazing, I’m so envious! I wish I could decorate the way you do, how did you learn?

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