mom style for spring

I am far from a style expert. And I would be very hesitant to ever offer fashion advice to someone else. But I know what works for my body. And I know how to shop for myself.

It’s clear that I have a certain style and that has become even more narrow and defined since becoming a mom. I need clothes that move and keep it easy for me to move. I have to be able to set up the stroller, get in and out of the car a lot, lift big boys, and sit on the floor.

I am not a fan of shorts. And skirts just aren’t practical in the summer time. I like some cropped pants, but I prefer to roll up a skinny jean.

But I love me some jeans.

So I put together some of my favorite items for the spring and summer. I have some of these things and some of these things are on my wish list.

We’ll be spending the summer at the zoo, the children’s museum, the beach, and just piddling around town. And when the temperatures reach 110, we won’t be going anywhere.

But let’s not focus on summer. I prefer to enjoy spring for as long as possible before even talking about summer. All the shopping information is under each set if you’re interested.

Mom Style Spring

Spring Mom Style 2
Spring Mom Style
Mom Style Spring 3
Mom Style Spring 4
Mom Style Spring 5
Mom Style Spring 6
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  1. I seriously want every single outfit you posted. Seriously loving the tops.
    I don’t own a pair of Toms but that pink suede pair is really cute!

  2. Adore every outfit..don’t you just love the Tom’s ballet flats..too presh!

  3. As always I love your style and every outfit in this post. I have those 7 for all mankind jeans and they’re great. And just this morning I bought a light blue tunic like the one featured in the first look. I loved it so much I also bought it in coral for a steal at 7€. :)

  4. Wow! I feel like I’m going to cry. I have no fashion sense what so ever and it is even worse now since having a baby. I have gained so much weight and I’m not sure what to wear, but I really think I could wear these outfits! I think I need to treat myself to some new clothes that fit so I’ll feel much better and be able to get back into the swing of things. Thanks for putting these outfits together. I need it!

  5. I think I just pinned over half of the outfits you posted! I love these styles.

  6. love your style boards! you could give me fashion advice anyday! :)

  7. Britt Z. says:

    I love your style! These boards are great! I’ll be having my baby in a few weeks and will need to invest in some new spring pieces & will definitely be referencing these!! We have similar features – blonde hair & blue eyes & the colors are perfect. Thanks!

  8. Completely love each of your outfit picks! I’d want all those in my closet :)

  9. I love your style!! You can be certain I’ll be using these boards as inspiration and hope to look as cute as you this spring & summer.

  10. Now that was fun! I love all of the outfits, my favorite is number 4. I think you have great style, and I see you also have a penchant for a flowy top. SO pretty!

  11. These are such cute outfits! Great Spring picks!

  12. Love it all!!!!
    I am a jeans girl…no doubt!!! I prefer jeans over anything anyday…

    And w/ kids…some outfits, I just can’t see myself wearing at the park…has to be comfortable, fun and easy to move it…and an outfit that I won’t flip if I get kid stains on.

  13. jcristg says:

    Poor Todd, that his wife would suggest an orange shoe.

  14. These are ALL SOOOOO cute! I LOVE the tops. I desperately need a wardrobe overhaul- I haven’t bought new clothes (aside from a pair or two of new jeans) in about 2 years. It’s driving me nuts!

    AND just thought I should mention that while white jeans look cute, having two boys I know that white jeans just don’t happen in my life right now with grubby little boy hands clinging to my legs most of the day :)

  15. LOVE all of your outfits!! I’m going to need to know where that monogrammed necklace is from!

  16. I think you have fabulous style! I like how you combine items. It’s not realistic to buy totally different stuff for every outfit and I’m glad you didn’t do that.

  17. I really like your choices! And that necklace? …well, I just emailed that link to my husband and told him to get on it! LOL!

    I’m a full-time working Mom so I can see myself wearing some of those pieces but altering them a bit for the office. I mostly wear heels at work but I like those nude flats. LOVE nude/beige shoes so those might have to go on my list too!

    Thanks for sharing! :)

  18. Mariya says:

    I love the white jeans, but how do you keep them clean while running around with kids?

  19. I love all of these looks and I would indeed call you for fashion advice!! I always love your style!

  20. I own that white Splendid top in black. You’ll love it.

  21. LOVE all of your outfits!! Thanks for the outfit inspiration.. will be ordering some or similar pieces asap!

  22. i LOVE these outfits. Don’t sell yourself short…you totally can give fashion advice any day. If only I could look this good while toting the baby around. When we are out and about I’m wearing yoga pants and tennis shoes. I need to work on this. Do you have the tory burch eddie flats? The revas I had to return because they were so uncomfortable. Are the ones you posted better?

  23. I love it all. Now where can I find this money to buy it all :) haha!
    I dread the 100 heat. D-R-E-A-D!

  24. You need to do these posts more often, Erin! Nicely done! I struggle with finding cute things to wear in the summer when I get to be a stay-at-home mom. Getting dressed for work is simple, but looking cute while bee-bopping around town with a little one in the blazing heat seems almost impossible. Thanks for the inspiration!!!

  25. Amanda says:

    SOOO cute. But SOOO expensive. I’m too cheap for these fashions! Ha :)

  26. um you are INSANE if you dont’ think you have fashion sense :) i am not even a mommy (but still love your blog! is that weird?! haha… getting advice for the future?) and i want every. single. one. of. those. outfits!! maybe we just have very similar styles, but dang girl.. those outfits are CUTE!! You are one hot mama, and I applaud you for actually getting dressed in the morning!

  27. I am going to direct KT to this blog post when he has a panic attack over my new spring wardrobe. Ha! :) I think the thing I want more than any other is that fabulous pair of Kendra Scott earrings. Gorgeous!! Great finds mama. You always look great and very boy-mom practical… which is the exact style I need in my life!

  28. Ah! Erin! You have me wanting a whole new wardrobe! :)

  29. I’ve been itching for a pair of Toms lately! And those nude flats…if those are on your wishlist, they have ones like that at Target right now ;-)

  30. Jeanette says:

    May I give you my credit card do that you can shop for me????? So not kidding :)

  31. Great outfits post, I have had my eyes on that Michael Kors watch.

  32. Cute outfits. It makes me laugh that you say your style is more narrow now that you’re a mom. I find my style being very similar to yours even though I’m not a mom. I mean I guess probably wear a few more dresses and skirts since I don’t have the concerns of playing on the floor with kids, but otherwise, it’s totally similar. I would wear every single outfit you posted and even have some of the items. Super cute stuff!!!

    And I’ve been hearing about the Toms ballet flats but hadn’t actually seen what they look like. The pink ones are adorable. They just might be my spring shoe purchase!

  33. i’m just going to send jeffrey the link to this post and tell him he can’t go wrong in buying me any of these pieces. and girl, i am with you…i am so happy to see spring coming, but i am 100% dreading those 110 degree days with 100% humidity. i’d be afraid that monogram pendant would melt right off of me! yikes! :(

  34. Love all of these outfits, especially the tops! *off to try to find some Target knock-offs!*

  35. love all of these! I’ve been eyeing those tb flats for a while until the lady at the store in nashville told me they weren’t as comfy as the revas?! hmmmmm…I thought they were comfy but they might be like the revas and get you in the long run. do you have them?

    love white jeans too, especially citizens! I’m betting you’re going to be a bit cuter in them this summer than I!

  36. I LOVE that monogram necklace–I need that! All the outfits are awesome….now if only my pregnant bod fit into them this summer :/ !!

  37. UH my gosh, these are ALL awesome!

  38. step moMster says:

    these outfits are all adorable erin! the pink tom’s ballet flats are super cute and i love the colors in looks #4 and #5. all the looks are great though – effortless, stylish, practical. great job!

  39. Very cute!

  40. You are just the cutest little thing! I love that you pretty much only wear gold jewelry! I love gold right now as well, and some people are still afraid of it and think it’s old fashion, but it’s not! Thank you for doing this & sharing it with us! Some great ideas for “stylish moms”! =)

  41. ERIN! You are awesome. Can you be my personal boy mom shopper? I’ll pay!

  42. Love these looks! Great selections, Erin! :)

  43. I am not a mom but love tons of those outfits for casual spring days!

  44. Stephanie says:

    LOVE these outfits so much!! I just pinned no less than 10 items :) You DO have great style…. you should do more of these posts! And I have those Tory Burch flats in the last outfit — so comfortable and perfect for spring & summer!

  45. Oh dear–I LOVE those Tom’s ballet flats. I’ve never wanted a pair of Tom’s until a few weeks ago when I became obsessed with owning a pair of the sparkly ones. I managed to avoid Nordstrom but now I’m going to have to go try on the ballet flats. Aaaah!

    There’s something about spring that inspires bright colors! Love them.

  46. How ’bout you just come and shop for me k? Then I might not look like a hobo most days ;)

  47. Forget the “Mom Style” it’s like you walked into my closet… not a Mom yet anyway:)

    I’m loving these outfits! Too cute!


  48. Can you please come to my house and help me pick out my outfits? Love how you mixed and matched so many items. And…what a great site you referenced. Thanks!

  49. These are all great looks for Spring! I especially love the white skinny jeans (which my wide hips and booty could never pull off haha) and the pink Toms are adorable too. It’s funny I have “mom” bathing suits and skirts for being with my babies and then I have my cuter stuff sans kids for trips with just the hubs. Anyways love these ideas!!

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