Scribble Linens Giveaway

Oh my goodness, have I got a giveaway for y’all today!

Just recently I was introduced to Scribble Linens.

The chalkboard craze has just taken over and it’s all over blogs and Pinterest and our playrooms, kitchens, and even our refrigerators.

Well a sweet girl in Dallas has come up with the most amazing idea to have Scribble Linens.

These chalkboard inspired linens come in coasters, place mats, table runners and table toppers.


They come in place mats… which are perfect for kids and for adults! I know my boys LOVE this, but I would also love using them for a dinner party with friends.


They come in table runners, too. This would be adorable at any kind of party or shower.

Screen Shot 2013-03-05 at 10.26.22 PM

And the table cloth. We love game nights and this would just make it even more fun.


They’re the most adorable idea for leave a letter for Santa. Just the cutest thing!

You can choose from different patterns and fabrics.

Today, I’m giving away TWO $75 credits to Scribble Linens.

So what are you waiting for? Just leave a comment to enter and tell me which product is your favorite!


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  1. What cute products!! I LOVE the table runner…it would be adorable at any event!!
    Jess recently posted..Life updatesMy Profile

  2. Lauren S says:

    The table runner is great!

  3. I LOVE the idea of the tablecloth for writing on!!! Fun for occasions and also keeping score for cards when friends come over!!!! Great idea!!!!!
    Missy McDaniel recently posted..TAG, YOU’RE “IT”!!!My Profile

  4. I love the runner! Those are so cute! Perfect for holidays, too!

  5. I love the Table topper in Chevron. Would be great for years to come!
    Leslie recently posted..SNOW!!!My Profile

  6. Bethany S. says:

    I LOVE the blue and cream chevron placemats!!!

  7. Melissa says:

    Love the table runner! I would use it for my kiddos birthday parties!

  8. Alison Coffey says:

    I love the table runner! So cute!!

  9. Annie says:

    I ADORE that tablerunner!

  10. Kiley says:

    These are great…would love to use the placemats for my kids…and maybe even for laid back dinner parties :-)

  11. Carly Webb says:

    Love the placemats!

  12. Andrea says:

    I love the placemats and all the different fabric options offered.

  13. Linzperks says:

    How stinkin’ ADORABLE are these!!! I love everything, but would have to say the place mats are my favorite!!!
    Linzperks recently posted..To Make To Make Medicare beneficiaries complaints about Rx Drug Plans Public.My Profile

  14. Cassandra says:

    Love these for my baby boy’s 1st BD party!!!

  15. maria maria says:

    I love the table runner for a wine and cheese party! so cute.

  16. Katherine says:

    Super cute! Would love to win a gift card…

  17. I would go for the placemats. The table cover would be nice too but the placemats are more practical for me right now.
    Sonya recently posted..Project Life {Week Eight}My Profile

  18. Rachel says:

    The table runner is definitely my favorite!

  19. Ashleigh says:

    The table runner is fantastic!!

  20. LOVE these! how cute! I think I would love the placemats because they would be great for using for parties and special occasions.
    Andie recently posted..Wordless Wednesday: Easter Egg HuntMy Profile

  21. HOW CUTE!! The table runner is amazing – definitely my favorite :)
    Courtney recently posted..Bath babyMy Profile

  22. LOVE the chevron table runner! Oh and the Christmas placemats. How cute! My boy would love this for years to come!

  23. Annette says:

    The table runner is my favorite. It really makes the food and drink items stand out.

  24. Emily L says:

    I love the table cloth!! :)

  25. Megan says:

    Love these! I think the placemats would be the most versatile!!

  26. Love the table runner…

  27. Monique says:

    I love the tablecloth and placemats!

  28. Haley says:

    I love them all, but would love the table cloth for my dining room table :)

  29. Patty says:

    The table runner is wonderful! I can see my kids decorating it for birthdays and holidays!

  30. Allison says:

    Love, love, love the placemats!!

  31. Rebecca Scott says:

    Love this! I think my favorite are the placemats, but it’s hard to pick!

  32. Heather Costello says:

    I love the placemats – what a fun way to write little messages!

  33. Everything is so cute….I love the table runner!

  34. Kerri S says:

    It’s a tough call between the runner and placemats, but I’m going with the placemats, all cute though!

  35. I love the blue and cream table topper. So fun for family game nights!

  36. The table runner is my favorite! Everything is so cute!

  37. I absolutely LOVE the place mat. My two little kiddos would go crazy for these mats!
    Mae recently posted..Oven Baked Salmon with Butter and LimeMy Profile

  38. Ashley says:

    Love the placemats! Great entertainment for kids and adults!!

  39. Danielle says:

    I swoon for that table runner! How awesome would that be for a dinner party??

  40. I would love the table cloth for birthday parties and to use for home schooling! What a great idea!

  41. Kristina says:

    I think I like the place mats, that way no one can fight over them!

  42. kesha says:

    I love the table cover in the aqua and white damask print!

  43. Lesley says:

    What a great idea!! I would love the placemats and a table runner!

  44. Love the runner and Santa mat!

  45. Lollie says:

    The placemats are fabulous!

  46. My budding artists would have a ball with the placemats!
    Jane recently posted..Giveaway!My Profile

  47. Cathy C. says:

    I love the placemats! They could make any occasion special.

  48. Eileen says:

    I love the table runner.

  49. marilyn says:

    My first choice are the placemats…each child has their own and can
    create whatever….For me, i like the table runner.
    Both are great!

  50. That runner looks super fun!
    Rhi recently posted..Bright SidesMy Profile

  51. Jaclyn Rose says:

    I LOVE the table cloth! So fun!

  52. Dee Rich says:

    I love them all!! I especially like the table cloth.The possibilities are endless. I think it would be fun to have a game night. We don’t take enough time with our busy schedules to just have some old fashion fun!

  53. What a cute product! I love the table runner! :)

  54. I LOVE this idea. My favorite item is the placemats. My three year old would love these and I would roll them up and take them to restaurants to keep him busy! :)
    Brittany Wills recently posted..A quick trip back to Facebook LandMy Profile

  55. Julie says:

    I love the table topper!!!!!

  56. Wow! Some people are just so talented and inspiring! What a clever idea! I LOVE the placemats! My two boys would have a ball!

  57. Kristin says:

    The runner is where it’s at!

  58. Jenny says:

    I love the table runner and my boys would love the place mat idea with a letter to Santa!

  59. Lesley says:

    I would pick the blue and cream chevron table runner and the matching coasters. They’d be perfect for a fun girls night in. Thanks!!

  60. Kristi Peshke says:

    I would pick the blue and cream chevron table topper.

  61. Christi says:

    I think I like the table runner best

  62. Erin B. says:

    I love them all! The placemats are super cute though. With a 2 year old who loves to draw, they would be perfect!

  63. I love the table cloth and the placemats. This is such a neat idea especially for kids.
    Shelly recently posted..Frumps to PumpsMy Profile

  64. Casey Wilson says:

    Love the placemats!!!

  65. I love the table topper! These are so neat.
    Jody recently posted..Zoo Pals…My Profile

  66. These are great! Love the placemats!! :)
    Rachel recently posted..Date NightMy Profile

  67. Ashley M says:

    LOVE the table topper!

  68. Lindsey says:

    How cute! I’d love the placemats and the runner.

  69. The table runners are so cute! What a clever idea!

  70. The runner and table cloth is great for parties!

  71. Julie says:
  72. i love the placemats!!!
    Elizabeth Lindsey recently posted..I’m A Mess…And That’s Ok!My Profile

  73. I host alot of church get togethers and would luv any of it!! My fav would be the runner or table paper:)

  74. I love it all but the table runner is my absolute favorite. Thanks for a great giveaway!
    VABelle recently posted..Our Gender RevealMy Profile

  75. The table running is my fav… it would be perfect for a dinner party!

  76. Susan Allardt says:

    Those look so fun! I definitely will be placing an order!

  77. Lacey S says:

    The table runner for sure! So neat!

  78. So fun! Especially for game night!

  79. LOVE the table runners!!! :) How awesome!
    Rachel [at] It’s a Hero recently posted..Tales From A Working Mom // Bullshit, Supermom.My Profile

  80. Kristin H says:

    Those are so cute! I love the placemats!

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