Peter Pan Party: Celebrating Hudson and Hayes!


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Party Details:


Hudson and Hayes first watched Peter Pan last year when I rented in on Netflix. When it came out of the Disney Vault a few months ago, I grabbed it for them immediately. And we watched it about 100 times in a month. I’m not kidding. They wanted to watch it constantly.

When I asked Hudson what kind of party he and Hayes should have, he immediately knew he wanted a Peter Pan party. And this totally thrilled me! Peter Pan is one of my most favorite stories. I love the magic and the fairy tale and how it’s not super duper sweet, but it is so much fun! There’s adventure and I just love the overall lesson to never grow up! And think happy thoughts!

It was a little harder to plan this party than parties in the past because all of my party supplies are in storage. We’re still living at Todd’s grandmother’s house.

Todd’s parents graciously offered to let us host the party in their backyard, and I am so thankful. Their backyard is absolutely beautiful!

We used their back porch as the staging area for all the food and drinks. And the place where the fans could live. It was a hot day!

We did a joint party because my boys’ birthdays are exactly a month apart, and it’s just easier on families to do it one time. And my boys have so many friends that are siblings. It ended up being great to just invite entire families to come play for the afternoon.

I ordered all of the baked goods (resources are listed below) and then we picked up a Chick-fil-A nugget tray. I made pinwheels and we also had peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, “Lost Boys Trail Mix” and “Tick Tock’s Goldfish.”

I wanted a tall cake with both of their names on it, and a “Neverland” type of background. So Ally & Eloise created a blue cake with stars on it. My mom brought the adorable wooden pirate ship and she painted it for the boys. And I had gotten a lot of small Peter Pan figurines to add to the top of the cake. The boys went ba-nan-as over that cake!

My boys love Tick Tock the Crocodile and Nana the Nurse Maid. Seriously, the Peter Pan characters are the best!

We turned the playset in the backyard into a pirate ship by hanging a Jolly Roger flag. My boys got a tee pee from their KK for Easter, so we set that up in the backyard to be like the Indian Brave village.

We used a large inflatable baby pool and filled it up with multi-colored balls (no water) to be the “Mermaid Lagoon.” It ended up being the most fun little place for the little kids to play!

I also rented a bounce house because, let’s face it, 4 year old little boys love a bounce house and need a place to release their energy!

For party favors, we gave each family a Little Golden Book of Peter Pan, and all the little boys got felt Peter Pan hats and the little girls received a set of fairy wings. And all the favors were super inexpensive and a big hit!

It was a super fun party to plan. I lost a little bit of my planning mojo about a week before the party and considered not doing it at all, but I’m so glad we did. Hudson was just beside himself with excitement over the party, and has been on a Peter Pan high since that day!

Party Resources:


Cake, Cupcakes, and Petit Fours: Ally & Eloise in Columbia, South Carolina

Cupcake Toppers, Invitations, Food Labels and other paper goodies: Sweet Birdie’s Nest  (and their shop)

Iced Cookies: The Doughmestic Housewife

Peter Pan Favor Hats: A Rainy Day Play on Etsy

Tree Trunk Cupcake Stand: Your Divine Affair on Etsy

Fairy Wings, Peter Pan Golden Books, Peter Pan Plush Characters, Disney Figurine Set: (all over the course of a year)

Straws, Balloons, Paper Cups: Shop Sweet Lulu

Bounce House Rental: Jumperee in Columbia, South Carolina

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  1. Love all the details of the party! Looks like it was a fun time!

  2. Those cookies look absolutely amazing! What a beautiful party :-)
    Esther Aspling recently posted..Not Mister Rogers NeighborhoodMy Profile

  3. Great job Erin! Everything looked perfect and I love the theme!

  4. Cute! Your parties are always the best.
    Former Fat Bride recently posted..Weigh In {Good, Bad & Ugly}My Profile

  5. Adorable, Erin!! Every last detail :)
    Rachel recently posted..Embrace the Camera: Week 7 with GigiMy Profile

  6. That Cake! Those cookies! OMG! How awesome! What a great party for 2 special little boys!

  7. Erin, you are such an awesome entertainer, this party looks AMAZING! I just love how you really theme every detail, it always turns out so cute! I absolutely love this concept, looks like the boys had a great party! xoxo
    Jane {In the Pink and Green} recently posted..A Weekend Visiting Sonoma & AlcatrazMy Profile

  8. The party was beautiful!! I love all of the different stations and the food looks great. Good job, mama :) .
    Kristin F. recently posted..Fitness Friday ReturnsMy Profile

  9. What an amazing party! The boys are going to have such special birthday memories!
    Danielle recently posted..‘NasticsMy Profile

  10. What a fun looking party! For not being at your own home to host the party I think you did a fantastic job!
    Angela recently posted..Friday FiveMy Profile

  11. Courtney S. says:

    You did a wonderful job! So much so that I am thinking of stealing your theme and ideas for our son’s 2nd birthday next year :) I LOVE the books as party favors – so much better than candy or food!

  12. Okay, the note to the kiddos to “never grow up” may have given me a huge lump in my throat. How is Hudson (and my Will) already 4???

    I have to tell you, I love how some years you just do a cake on the beach, and some years you go big for their parties. It’s very balanced (and budget-friendly) and that way, the big parties are always super-special. Very smart, mama. :) Good job!
    Becky recently posted..CrisisMy Profile

  13. I’ve been looking forward to this post!! So much inspiration! Love the Jolly Roger, food, cake, cupcakes and the Pirate’s Booty was such a fun idea!! It all looks fantastic. You’re one talented mama! :)
    Lisa at Texas Decor recently posted..A Dozen Random Things About Me…My Profile

  14. Oh my goodness, it is just beyond perfect Erin! Everything is just gorgeous, and it looks like everyone had a great time. Good job! :)
    Leslie Lambert recently posted..What’s In My Makeup Bag?My Profile

  15. Britt says:

    So cute!!! The party favors were such a great idea! Makes me want to plan a birthday based on a book or movie :) you have the most incredible party planning skillzzzz !!

  16. Impressive! I love it all. Inexpensive favors that match the theme and that parents will not loathe are hard to find. Everything is just gorgeous. Thanks for motivating me for Henry’s choo- choo party. Sweet Birdie’s Nest made the cutest invites for his party. Happy Friday, Erin.
    Jennifer recently posted..Cheekwood: Robert Munro Light ExhibitMy Profile

    • Thank you, Jennifer! It was super fun to plan. If we had done a party just for Hayes it would have been a train theme. He loves trains so much and Chugga Chugga Choo Choo is his current favorite book. I’m so glad you’ve had such a great experience with the girls at Sweet Birdie’s Nest. They’re the best! Love them!
      Blue-Eyed Bride recently posted..Peter Pan Party: Celebrating Hudson and Hayes! My Profile

  17. anonymous says:

    i love *everything* about this party!!! what a special time and place you created. good job, erin.

  18. You did a fantastic job! The party looks like it was so much fun! All the details came together perfectly :)
    Colleen recently posted..5 on FridayMy Profile

  19. Sarah H. says:

    This is absolutely amazing. Your boys look like they had a wonderful party!! I’m so glad you enjoy this type of thing. I so do not. Ha. Great great job Erin!!!

  20. Eeks! What a fabulous party! Absolutely fabulous! Well done girl! Your creativity is out of this world :) .
    Shay Shull recently posted..Memorial Day MenuMy Profile

  21. Mariya says:

    You did such an amazing job. I love the party favors. So much inspiration!

  22. What a sweet party idea! I love the fairy wings for the little girls as party favors. :)
    Stacey B. recently posted..Confidence in Motherhood: Fleeting, at BestMy Profile

  23. Oh my word! This party is WAY too stinking cute. I love birthday parties, the planning and execution of them just thrill me. This one is absolutely perfect.
    Courtney recently posted..Instafriday!My Profile

  24. perfect party for two precious boys!! looks like everyone had a blast!
    laurenbtrain recently posted..Sugar Ants and Quick FixesMy Profile

  25. This is really cute! you did an awesome job. I always love seeing your parties!
    Laura recently posted..TODAY! On Zulily…My Profile

  26. HeatherM says:

    You always throw THE cutest parties. Could you do some posts about how you plan parties? If you have any general timelines of what you start plank g when and what you prepare when, that would be really helpful.

  27. What a fabulous party! Our boys love Peter Pan. They ask to watch it several times a week!
    Anna recently posted..Your Questions, My Answers: A Day in the LifeMy Profile

  28. Happy Birthday Hudson and Hayes!

    Congratulations to mummy Erin for a fab party.
    Ché is having a Toy Story birthday in June, he’ll be 3.(he adores Hudson)and Stevie Jnr will be 1 in August., I’m going for a circus theme – should be fun. I hope we get the weather you’re having !

  29. Wow — awesome job! This party is super adorable and I know your boys loved it. That cake is amazing! I love planning parties for my little guys too!

  30. Everything looks so cute!
    Emily recently posted..Almond Iced TeaMy Profile

  31. Everything looks absolutely perfect!! Looks like such a fun day! Wish we could’ve been there!
    M @ Perfectly Imperfect recently posted..(almost) wordless wednesdayMy Profile

  32. Loooooove it!!! What a fun party! Love all the details. Great job, Erin!!!! Happy birthday Hudson & Hayes!
    Mel @ The Larson Lingo recently posted..Memorial Day WeekendMy Profile

  33. So, so cute! You know, I think I’ve only seen Peter Pan once or twice, but your party makes me want to watch it right this second. Happy Birthday to Hudson & Hayes!

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